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Welcome to the website of Stainton Parish Council where you will find information regarding the business of the Parish Council as well as links to other community websites.

If you have any queries about the web site or the Parish Council please contact the Clerk.

Members of the public are welcome to attend the meetings and have an opportunity at each meeting to address the Council about any subject.

The Parish Council, which is the most local level of government, works closely with the District and County Councils. Maintenance and other work may be delegated to the Parish Council by the County and District Councils.

Most of the Parish Council’s expenditure goes on staff costs, maintaining its assets and keeping the Village clean and in good order. Much time is spent in exercising whatever pressure it can on higher authorities for planning, highways and traffic control – to deal with issues affecting the quality of life of residents.


Stainton Parish Council home page imageAbout Stainton

Stainton parish lies approximately five miles south of Kendal in the county of Cumbria. The region covers an area of about 1750 acres and is long and narrow in shape.

At its most northern reaches it is bordered by the Oxenholme to Kirkby Lonsdale road and reaches to Viver in the south. At its widest point, west to east lie Barrows Green and Cockrigg .

St Sundays beck runs the full length of the parish, although on some maps it is renamed Stainton beck as it flows through the village. There is also a short section of the Lancaster to Kendal canal in the south of the community.

The village gives the parish its name ‘Stainton’ (old English ‘stan’) meaning stone and ‘tun’ meaning farm or settlement.

There is evidence of habitation in the locality going back to prehistory. Stainton gets a mention in the Doomsday book. The landscape was industrial in the 19th century with 5 prosperous mills situated on St Sunday’s beck.

The population of 313 (2011 census) today are either farmers, work outside of the parish or retired.

The neighbourhood is served by St Thomas’ Anglican Church Crosscrake and Crosscrake C of E Primary School. The local pub is the Punch Bowl at Barrows Green. There is also an ongoing project to restore the ancient chapel in the village. It will become 'Stainton Institute' a community centre and venue for events.

This is a picturesque stretch of the country side and there are attractive walks to be had on the public footpaths that weave their way through the parish.

Information from ‘Stainton An Old Westmorland Parish’ by Peter Woods.


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